It's Blabbering Week!

Launching a week-long series on Blab where everyday I'll be talking about a new and interesting topic that you can be a part of. Ask me questions, share your thoughts or just enjoy the conversation with everybody else. Don't forget to come find me :)

If you aren't familiar with Blab, it's a livecasting platform that allows you to engage with the speakers either by chatting or jumping on board, you can also be a spectator and grab some value bombs from the conversation without having to participate but why would you do that? 

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Morning Rituals

Everybody is talking about morning rituals but what do you do? I'll be talking about some of the things that help me beat the winter blues as the days get darker and ways I start my mornings each day. Would love to see you this Thursday, 4th of November at 2.30pm BST - click here to join.

Productivity Habits

Once you're set with your morning it makes sense to get your productivity to it's best potential - I'll be talking about everything from productivity at work to sleeping productively, have you ever thought about that? Come say hello this Friday, 5th November at 1pm BST - click here to join.

Making A Successful Living As An Artist

I've been speaking and writing a lot about the different ways artists can make a living doing what's most important; creating work. You can read through one of my popular blogs here but if you join us, you'll get a chance to talk to me live and we can go through your work and find opportunities to make a living as an artist. Don't forget it's next Monday, 9th November at 1pm BST - click here to join.

Blogging for Artists

Initially, this was going to be social media but the word social media is so vague and the critical aspect of any social presence is content that many artists ignore; we'll talk about new blogging platforms such as Medium (you might want to glance through the three-part series on blogging on Medium here) but also the different ways of blogging even if you're not a writer! Intrigued? You need to make it on Tuesday, 10th November at 11am BST - click here to join.

The Chronic Hustle

Last in this week's series is hustling chronically; some of you might know this and others may not I have several different chronic, incurable conditions that make it challenging (to say the least) to work like everyone else so if you have various obstacles in your way, this is for you! One of the most common questions I'm asked in interviews is how I manage to juggle multiple projects with being so ill so let's put the conversation to rest by redefining how hustle is understood for Chronies everywhere. Be a part of the conversation on Wednesday, 11th of November at 2pm BST - click here to join.

If you've got a question on any of the above topics and can't make it to the live cast then tweet me @bhaesa with your thoughts and we'll send you a link to watch it later or simply leave a comment below. Hope to see you there!