Standing out in our intensely saturated social media world has become a shared concern of our time and if you haven't already heard of Medium it might just be the answer you've been looking for. 

Content Marketing isn't a new thing, whether you're a blogger, artist, startup or a freelancer you should definitely have a content strategy. 


Because it makes you human. It's been proven that having a face on your social feeds is much more likely to create engagement than having a logo, as professional as it may be done. If you want positive social engagement there's no better way than to put yourself out there as a human being willing to connect. In fact, that's probably the most social way to make friends too so why wouldn't it work in business? 

Is This For You? 

First of all, let me introduce Medium. Imagine Blogger meets social media and you've got Medium! I've always said, blogging is the most underestimated social media tool ever (Tweet this)

It doesn't matter if your objective is to build an audience, sell artworks or simply gain exposure - content is essential. I see artists, designers and most importantly art organisations like galleries or museums consistently ignore their content strategy. Our brains are hard wired to believe anyone who has written a book is credible, the most effective way of replicating this kind of authority is to create a backlog of blog posts that hone your skills. 

"Every single one of you is a media company" (Gary Vaynerchuck)

I couldn't have put it better myself and I am rather jealous Gary beat me to this idea but it's a fundamental of digital life; YOU ARE A MEDIA COMPANY. It's the one who recognise it and the ones who live in oblivion that separates those who are able to build a successful following and the ones who are forever tangled in the web that is social media. 

Why Should You Care About Medium? 

Medium certainly is a niche of its own. You can have a separate blog, a website and a YouTube channel - just about everything that you enjoy doing but Medium is like the nicer cousin of social media who always has time for you. And in the noisy social media space, that makes Medium the most adored family member. 

If you're still deliberating, how about this?  

It gives you instant access to over 460,000 audiences with over 13 million unique visitors. 

Just let those numbers sink in for a second.  

In an age where we produce over  211 Million everyday those are not the numbers anyone with an online presence can afford to ignore. 

What does Medium offer? 

Medium isn't your ordinary blogging platform, since it's tied in closely with social networks like Facebook & Twitter it breaks down few of the barriers of getting some eyes on your content. To help you even further, I've listed a few helpful tips that I hope you'll put to good use. 

Publications are a wonderful way to organise your thoughts and make it easier for your audiences to subscribe to specific topics or themes. 

Publications are a wonderful way to organise your thoughts and make it easier for your audiences to subscribe to specific topics or themes. 

Medium is the first platform to make blogging social. 

If you look at the image above, there are some publications that are my own and others that I merely edit - bloggers have long been doing it the traditional way whereas Medium allows you to automate this otherwise cumbersome process. You can leave drafts, collaborate with other editors or simply collect all of your thoughts in a single collection. A collection is also useful for your audience to subscribe to rather than getting spammed with everything one writes, it gives people more of an authority thereby making them likely to consider subscribing to you. 

So how do you get discovered by those 100,000s audiences beyond your social circle? That's where tags come into play. You can have up to 3 tags for every article and Medium shows you how popular or unpopular each tag is before you decide on one hence eliminating having to navigate through the dilemmas of SEO when you're an artist and rather focus your time on creating work. 

One of the exciting parts of Medium is the ease of access it gives you to the stats. You can not only see how well something is received or not but also if your post just needs some fine touches still. 

You can see it across all your stories or just one where it shows you how many reads versus views which should give you a good indication of whether or not your post is interesting for the audience. What's more, people can also recommend your story which then gets stored as references that appears on their profile too. 

These are just a few things that I hope motivate you to go and give Medium a try. Remember, Medium is a Social Platform which means most of all it needs you to be yourself and create your own experiments along the way. This is first in a series of blogs on Medium so if you have specific topics you'd like to see explored in this series please do let us know in the comments below. 

Still confused? Go check out my Medium page and tweet @bhaesa if you still have any more questions or just want to share your Medium page!