Everyone has their opinions on this and no matter which side of the clan you fall into we're forgetting an inherent part of social media that often goes unacknowledged; automation doesn't mean ignorance, or at least it doesn't have to be. 

This insight actually sparked from a #Bufferchat when Buffer picked up my question which was debated with enthusiasm by everyone and it made me wonder; what are the notions of automation that we feel so strongly opposed to? 

I for one; LOVE automation and I don't mean that just in social media. I would automate my entire life if that was possible but I think we are inherently speaking of two very different notions of automation. 

First of all let's see why automation has such a bad rep: 

  1. It's seen as taking it easy and not being a real human being on social media 
  2. Automation is synonymous with not caring 
  3. It feels more anti-social than what social media is accussed of often

Those are just three points chosen arbitrarily and they're all inter-related:

  1. Automation is not easy IF done right; the amount of time you can dedicate to find the best curated content for your audience should never be taken for granted 
  2. You could schedule something and never look back but that just means you're not leveraging automation to the best that it has to offer
  3. Automation could potentially give you the freedom to actually be present and respond to those who are speaking with you on the go instead of overloading your brain with too many things to do at once and not really being human on social

You might say well that's just mixing the words slightly differently but there's a larger point to why I feel so strongly pro-automation; it gives you access to the most precious resource of them all - TIME

Now, you could automate everything for the rest of the week and never look at your account again or you could automate smartly with a few essential things that you believe your audience will get the greatest value from and then top that off with responding to them when they interact with you. 

Personally, I only automate when and if I come across a range of interesting content all at once. I am sure no one on my Facebook or Twitter feed wants to see their stream overtaken by my content, however amazing it is. It just makes sense to schedule it with appropriate intervals so I am not social spamming my followers. The most important question to me is, what are you going to do with the additional time that you get from automating? 

We need to escape this binary model of either 'being online or offline', we are always online. How you make use of this time makes all the difference. 

Do you automate your social media? Share your thoughts on automation, social media and what you feel is lacking in the digital social space right now by tweeting @bhaesa.