What does ‘play’ mean to you? How often do you play? Hack Circus took us on a journey that was part playful, part unreal and part scary and part truth. The best part? It was all happening to us simultaneously in our shared lived reality. I’m glad I accepted the invitation to attend Hack Circus’ most recent adventure at Kings X, London - “Underworlds” it was called, what for I had no clue and it was probably best that way. If there had to be a one-word description for the evening it would be; unreal. Why unreal? Because Leila and LJ Rich managed to successfully draw us into this world where we could no longer tell the difference between what was real and what wasn’t. Unreal seems to fit the feeling - from fictive stories and musicals to true stories by real life experts, it was an experiment at pushing the boundaries of human imagination. It wasn’t important to know the difference between what was real and what wasn’t rather to acknowledge how unaware we are of so many things that are happening around us all the time. Underworlds at one point used to a merry gathering place for the privileged and is perhaps now seen as a not so desirable space.

The evening as a whole indeed made you question almost everything; including the event itself. Was it a show? A performance? Theatre? Musical? Or as the team themselves put it, “an interactive performance”, although I’m not entirely certain that clarifies much, probably for the best. When you’re immersed in a space positively overwhelmed by information that you're unsure what's real and what isn't, you become conscious of how fragile reality is on its own.

If reality isn't preset or even objective, what reality do you wish to be a part of? I was pretty happy in the part-real/part unreal space that the Hack Circus had transferred me onto. Besides learning much about underworlds from historians, unheard tales from deep seas and speaking with Cthulhu himself, you begin to wonder if Underworlds was just a prefix designed to lure you in, into a world of possibility that encourages you to pursue unanswered questions that we hold within ourselves and re-examine the very circus we play an active part in everyday; life.

Hack Circus is a quarterly creative magazine and a live show. You can get your hands on their latest issue by clicking here and follow them on Twitter @HackCircus.